Can you think that any elevator stopping in the half-way carrying a patient getting to the operating room or any patient with a plastered leg being pressed between a door broken down?

Therefore, stretcher elevator specifications used in hospitals must always be designated using the best available technology. Lighting not dazzling the patient on the stretcher and the details such as comfort and aesthetics are particulary paid attention for the patient to feel himself better.

By means of frequency controlled smooth speed systems, risk of staggering when getting in or out with vehicles such as wheeled chair or stretcher is minimized by the sensitive floor level adjustment.

Striking beams settled in the stretcher striking level are designated as to eliminate the possible damages to patient and cabinet at the time of strike in the cabinet.

Our Class III full automatic, VVVF frequency controlled smooth speedy stretcher elevators having capacity of 1600 Kg, 2000 Kg and 2500 Kg are the most suitable for hospitals. 
Despite the fact that buildings are not high altitude, patients and doctors are enabled to get to the floor they wish in the shortest time by preferring 1.6 m/sn.
Stainless steel coatings inside the cabinet and antibacterial floor materials are preferred in stretcher elevators in which hygenic conditions must particularly paid attention. Our elevators with double speed semi-automatic door can also be sufficient in some hospitals except for those with full automatic door and frequency controlled solutions.