Panoramic elevators are aesthetically fabulous and add different features to your building architecture. They are designed separately for each building. Cabin framing of glass enliven passengers, so people prefer panoramic cabins instead of closed ones. 

Although cabin covering can be made with laminate and stainless steel, all the design is shaped only by your imagination. Although the doors may be semi-automatic, generally automatic doors are preferred in panoramic elevators. Automatic door can be manufactured from stainless steel finished panels or glass panels. 

The most important feature of panoramic elevator is that their side and rear walls completely manufactured from glass. Their attractive designs are special solutions that associate customer expectations and using pleasure of passengers. They are the best in elevator design in terms of aesthetics. 

Panoramic cabins are manufactured in circular, square, triangular or cornered shapes according to the architecture of the building. They can be with electric or hydraulic traction, again according to the architecture of the building. The capacity is ranked between 4 and 21 persons, the speed starts from 0.63 m/sec and reaches 2.5 m/sec